The Women's Health Research Institute created the Women’s Health Science Program (WHSP) for High School Girls & Beyond to provide science education programs to females from underserved communities. WHSP targets young women who are considering careers in science and medicine and prepares them with valuable knowledge and skills to successfully become the next generation of women science leaders.

WHSP encompasses three academies: the Oncofertility Summer Academy (OSA), the Infectious Disease Summer Academy (IDSA), and the Women's Health Summer Academy (WHSA). These academies are held during the summer, and applications are open to to 9th -11th grade students in Chicago Public Schools. Students in the WHSP Program:

  • Learn and apply science processing skills through hands-on laboratory and clinical activities
  • Explore and prepare to successfully enter into academic programs and careers in science and medicine
  • Develop relationships with students and professionals throughout the science pipeline
  • Be empowered with women’s health knowledge that they can share with peers, families, and communities

WHSP provides academic, personal and social support during a time period when girls make important decisions about their future educational and career trajectories. High school girls with a wide range of academic abilities and science interests are encouraged to apply to WHSP. To make a deep, lasting impact on the girls’ lives, WHSP is committed to providing multiple learning opportunities over a significant period of time. 100% of WHSP alumnae go onto college, and 82.5% are pursuing major in the fields of science and medicine.  The WHSP program was recognized for its accomplishments in 2010 with the The Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring.

Check out the WHSP blog, which posts about everything from health tips to study habits to healthy lifestyle choices for women. Check it out!

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