New NIH Guidelines on Sex Inclusion, Rigor, and Transparency

In October 2015 the NIH released the final policy language associated with the inclusion of sex as a variable in scientific research together with additional guidance on improving the reproducibility of research findings (NOT-OD-16-011). The WHRI has been a strong advocate for sex-inclusion and reporting and we are delighted that sex will now be part of scientific research in the same way time, temperature, dose, and age are currently regarded. The new policy is effective for all grants submitted on/after January 25, 2016 and directions have been provided to CSR regarding study section review of these elements. The links below provide valuable resources that can help you align with these new policies.

  1. Resources and Instructions on changed NIH grant applications (sex-inclusion, rigor, and transparency)
  2. FAQ's on sex-inclusion research parameters
  3. The WHRI's top 50 blogs on sex inclusion in science and medicine
Watch Dr. Crystal Clark Present on Medications and Pregnancy

Did you miss last Tuesday's research forum where Dr. Crystal Clark presented "Medications and Pregnancy: Balancing Risks, Benefits, Metabolism, and Disease?" If so, you can watch the lecture video online! Dr. Clark describes drug metabolism across pregnancy, identifies commonly used medications in pregnancy and risks and benefits of treatment, and discusses less known dosing considerations of commonly used psychotropic medications for bipolar disorder.

Click here to watch the lecture video now!