Teresa Woodruff's Online Reproductive Health Course Now Live!

The truth about reproductive health education in the United States is troubling— there is currently no required standard for sex education in this country’s schooling system, and of the 22 states that have mandated sex education instruction, only 13 require this instruction to be medically accurate! To close this knowledge gap, Dr. Teresa Woodruff, Vice Chair for Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University, created Introduction to Reproduction, a free online class to teach basic concepts in sexual and reproductive health. This course is everything first-year students need to know about sex and reproduction, and didn’t know to ask. “Having sex is not the same thing as knowing how it all works,” says Woodruff, and this crash-course in sexual and reproductive health demystifies myths that have been convoluted and twisted through decades of misconceptions and unanswered questions to ‘taboo’ inquiries. Click here to take the course today!

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New Online Module for Sex and Gender in Biomedical Research

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research developed an interactive module designed to improve the ability of health researchers and peer reviewers to account for sex and gender in biomedical research involving animals, cells, or tissues. The objectives of the module are to recognize nomenclature used in sex and gender science, identify methods to conduct sex and gender science, and critically appraise the integration fo sex and gender in protocols and publications. At the end of this free 45 minute module, researchers will receive a certificate of completion. 

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