NIH Announces Inclusion of Both Biological Sexes in Research Studies

The National Institute's of Health (NIH) recently announced that started in 2016, all research studies approved and funded through their institutes will be required to study both biological sexes in cell, animal, and human studeis in order to account for the possible role of sex as a variable. In the past, the research community has focused on primarily male animals in cells and in basic science research, neglecting the examination of female cells and animals as variables. The Women's Health Research Institute is thrilled to hear this announcement and is excited that there will now be equal consideration of both sexes in basic and preclinical research! 

Click here to read the official NIH announcement.

Women's Health Can be Improved by Studying MEN and Women

The Women's Health Research Institute has taken a new approach to understanding women's health and has just launched the Illinois Men's Health Registry!! To address the traditional lack of inclusion of women in clinical studies that affect both sexes, the WHRI created the Illinois Women's Health Registry, matching over 1,000 women to clinical studies across Illinois. Now we are using the same tactic to increase the inclusion of men in sex-differentiating studies by opening the Illinois Men's Health Registry. You can access the Men's Registry at

  All Illinois males over the age of 18 are invited to particpate.    The press release is available HERE.