Your Support is Needed to Advance Women’s Health Research and Care

The Women’s Health Research Institute is a nationally recognized leader in making critical advances in women’s health.  Through the creation of the Illinois Women’s Health Registry, an online clinical research tool, the WHRI aims to increase the representation of  women in clinical trials.  To date over 7,000 women from across the state of Illinois have enrolled, many of whom have been matched to ground breaking research studies.  The WHRI fosters faculty who conduct research  addressing sex-based differences in biomedical research that has resulted in over $4M in federal funding to researchers on our campus.  In order to promote greater understanding of women's health issues, the WHRI hosts free monthly educational seminars to healthcare professionals and the community.  Our advocacy for more comprehensive sex-based biomedical research has grabbed the attention of Congress and the National Institute of Health.  As a consequence of these efforts, both the NIH and FDA has developed regulations requiring the inclusion of male and female animal and cell models in all basic science research.  This is a significant advance and will result in better health care for all in the future.  In order to further women's health from the scientific and clinical persepctive, we must grow our existing scientific collaborations, develop new partnerships, and provide resources for researchers who wish to, or are currently, conducting sex-based research.  These are exciting times for women’s health on both a local and national level, and your support will ensure that our essential work can continue.


A number of giving options are available, including outright gifts, pledges, and several naming opportunities. The Institute believes in grassroots fundraising and believes no gift is too small and that in-kind gifts are welcome. Give Online by using Northwestern's secure form to make an immediate gift to the Institute or fill out our Donation Card to mail in. 

If you would like more information on how to make a pledge to the Women's Health Research Institute, please contact our office at (312) 503-1385.

Host a Fundraising Event

The Institute encourages community-based funding raising efforts because they not only raise needed funds, they raise awareness about our mission. If you are seeking a charity to target for your event or to develop a new fundraising event, please contact our office at (312) 503-1385. We also welcome in-kind contributions for our events.

Volunteer Opportunities

The WHRI offers a diverse range of volunteer opportunities for students, teachers, writers, providers and researchers as well as the public-at-large that can help advance our mission. Click here to find out about volunteer opportunities.