The Women’s Health Science Mentoring Program is a nine-month-long mentoring program for high school girls and female science graduate students and medical students at Northwestern University. This program is designed to foster relationships and opportunities to study specific areas of scientific interest via one-on-one mentoring partnerships. Each high school student will be paired with a graduate or medical student mentor and will have one formal meeting and one informal meeting monthly from September 2015-April 2016. 

Monthly formal meetings will feature scientific lectures, career/academic advancement workshops, laboratory experiments, and conversations with senior female scientific faculty. Outside of the formal monthly meetings, mentor and mentee pairs will be required to meet at least once informally each month to help facilitate continued mentorship, collaboration, research, and communication. Each mentoring pair will select a research focus for their year (either clinically- or laboratory-based) and will work together to answer a research question. 

Mandatory Monthly Meeting Dates will be TBA based on participants' schedules.

This program is made possible by the generous financial support of the Alumnae of Northwestern University.