The Women's Health Research Institute values reproductive health education across all ages. Our portfolio expands from elementary school cartoons teaching reproductive concepts to a collegiate-level online course outlining the biology behind reproductive health. 

Reproductive Health Education Facts:

  • There is currently no required standard for sex education in this country's schooling system
  • Only 22 states have mandated sex education instruction 
  • Only 13 states require this instruction to be medically accurate
  • Sex education courses developed on college campuses in the early 1960's and is often taught within health services departments and counseling services

This lack of effective reproductive health education has gathered national attention, even drawing celebrities Jessica Biel and John Oliver to address these education gaps!

In an effort to provide accurate information on reproductive health, Dr. Woodruff has launched instructional initiatives to shorten the knowledge gap:

Introduction To Reproduction

A free collegiate-level Northwestern University online course comprised of video lectures capturing the intricacies of reproductive biology. Introduction to Reproduction is a crash-course in human reproductive health through fact and biology-based information on a variety of topics. The course covers reproductive anatomy, key biological changes during puberty, sexual biology and contraceptive methods, and reproductive disorders. Register Today!


Repropedia is a free reproductive lexicon with over 380 reproductive terms that are reviewed by an expert global editorial board. Repropedia educates through multi-media approaches (text, pictures, and videos) and the terminology can be incorporated and hyperlinked to any website. Check out the Repropedia Today!


Fertilitoons is a series of reproductive health cartoons aimed to improve reproductive health understanding among elementary-aged children.

My Oncofertility

Oncofertility is a new discipline that bridges oncology and reproductive medicine in order to discover and apply new fertility preservation options for young patients facing fertility-threatening diseases or treatments. We have created a series of videos to help you understand how you might preserve your reproductive health. Check out these animations today!

The Women's Health Research Institute's overall objective is to ensure students of all ages understand reproductive health. TH WHRI has launched these inititives as authoritative resources for information packaged in a way that is memorable and usable in everyday life. Examining reproduction through a biological, scientific lens will better educate our community and will lead to a better understanding of holistic health, long-term.