For the past decade, the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) has served as a catalyst for sex- and gender-inclusive basic science and clinical research at Northwestern University. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Teresa Woodruff, the WHRI has provided education and support for research which explores the influences of sex and gender on health and disease.

Focusing on the next decade, with plans to bring the same educational resources provided to the Northwestern University andtern Memorial Hospital community, to the greater Northwestern Medicine network, Woodruff tapped cardiologist Dr. Marla Mendelson to serve as the Institute’s Co-Director.

Mendelson has been an outstanding champion for women’s health at Northwestern University and Northwestern Medicine, having served as the Founder and Director of the Program for Women’s Cardiovascular Health within the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute and through her commitment to the care of women in a field that has been wrought with sex- and gender-bias. She serves as a role model and mentor to trainees and early-career physicians and is committed to advancing the next generation of leaders in science and medicine.

Mendelson served as a founding member of the WHRI Scientific and Medical Leadership Council, composed of an interprofessional group of scientists, clinicians, and other allied health professionals who set the strategic priorities for the Institute. According to Woodruff, she was a natural choice for the role. “I am delighted to welcome Marla Mendelson as co-director of the WHRI - our motto is Science to Care and that is now reflected perfectly in our leadership,” says Woodruff.

“We have incredible resources here at Northwestern for Women’s health and I am honored to be asked to help advance the mission of the WHRI.  Having been involved with the WHRI since its inception, I am inspired by the achievements to date and with the potential for growth into the clinical arena,” shared Mendelson.



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